Stacked Books.png Bustos, Suzette
Email: suzette.bustos@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 1A, 2B



Cantu, Aissa
English, BA
Curriculum and Instruction (specialization in Literacy Development), M.Ed.
Literature and Cultural Studies, MA Candidate

Email: aissa.cantu@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 1A, 4B
Courses: English II, Humanities


Experience: 29 Years 

  • National Board Certified 
  • NSMI trainer
  • 6+1 Traits trainer
  • ESL Certified

  • PEARL Sponsor
  • Class of 2018 Sponsor

Hobbies and Special Interests: 
Art, interior design, fashion, reading, cooking/cuisine, gardening, watching/analyzing movies, entertaining friends and family, learning about other cultures, organizing. 

Stacked Books.png  Gonzales, April 
Email: april.gonzales@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 3A, 2B

Stacked Books.png 

Flores, Marcos

Email: marcos.flores@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 2A, 1/4B

  IB  Program Coordinator  
Stacked Books.png  Marin, Victoria

Email: victoria.marin@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 4A, 3B 

  Class of 2018 Sponsor  


Perez, Ana
Communications, B.A
Journalism Masters Candidate

Email: ana.perez@stisd.net
Conference Periods:1A, 4B
Courses: SAT/ACT prep, Photojournalism,Yearbook


Experience: 29 years

  • Yearbook Sponsor
  • English Department Team Leader
  • JEA member/ILPC member

Hobbies and Special Interests:
Photography and Traveling


Sweeney, Kelley
English B.A.
Texas A&M University 

Email: kelley.sweeney@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 3A, 2B
Courses: Research & Technical Writing, English II pre-AP 


Experience: 12 years

  • National Board Certified Teacher
  • STISD Education Improvement Council (EIC)  Member
  • BETA Recruitment Committee

Hobbies and Special Interests: 
Writing, Dancing, Traveling, Cooking/Baking, Landscaping/Gardening.  

Stacked Books.png  Torres, Eduardo

Email: eduardo.torres@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 4A, 2/4B

  IB Program co-coordinator