Alcoser, Maria Alba
Fine Arts-Studio Art, BA
Fine Arts- Studio Art, MA

Email: maria.alcoser@stisd.net
Conference Periods: 1A, 3B
Courses: Art 1, Art 2, STC Dual Enrollment
Art Appreciation

Experience: 19 years

  • National Board Certified: Art/Early Adolescente Through Young Adulthood
  • Texas Art Education Association member
  • Electives Department Team Leader

Hobbies and Special Interests:


Cano, Jahaziel
Kinesiology, BA

Email: jahaziel.cano@stisd.net
Conference periods: 4A, 3B
Courses: Individual and Team Sports, Aerobic Activities

Experience: 6 years

  • H.Y.P.E. Sponsor
  • P.E. Club Sponsor
  • K.O.M sponsor
  • Volleyball Coach (boys)
  • Basketball Coach (boys & girls)
  • Flag Football Coach (boys & girls)
  • CPR Certified

Hobbies and Special Interests:
Playing sports/exercising
Watching movies/documentaries
Playing instruments


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